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Tubal Sterilization and Vasectomy

This methods are permanent and are recommended only for people that is 100% sure that don’t want to have more babies.

What is Tubal  Sterilization?

Women can have an operation called a tubal sterilization, which means that the tubes in a women's abdomen where sperm could potentially reach an egg are permanently blocked.

What is a vasectomy?

Men can have an operation called a vasectomy, which means that the tubes in a man where sperm is carried are permanently blocked. It does not affect the men sexual capacity.

How effective is it?

A sterilization operation (for men and women) is 99.5%-99.9% effective, but it is NOT effective against sexually transmitted diseases.

What are the PROS and CONS?


Permanent protection against pregnancy
No lasting side effects
No effect on pleasure


Mild bleeding or infection directly after operation
Some people regret later that they are no longer able to have children
Some people have a negative reaction to the anesthetic used during the operation
Reversibility cannot be guaranteed
Rarely, tubes reopen, allowing pregnancy to occur
Pregnancies that occur are more likely to be ectopic (in the fallopian tubes)


Bruising where the incision is made
Very rare injury to blood vessels or bowel


Infection or blood clot in or near the testicles

  Temporary bruises, swelling, or tenderness of the scrotum

Sperm leakage may form temporary small lumps near testicles

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